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Living your life helping others has it's ups and downs; it is not an easy life. The rewards can be few and you can't depend on them getting you through the day, no matter how amazing it feels when you succeed.

Some people, though, are a rough ride.

Dale was one such for Sam and any of the many counselors who came in and out of his life. He was one of Sam's first and longest running cases. In and out of trouble, halfway homes, slums, and prisons, Dale always seemed to pick himself up and start to make something of a happy life. Like many, he suffered from combat related PTSD. Two tours in the two different wars in Iraq, and a tour in Afghanistan, how could he not? Still, the man had a smile that lit up a room, and he fought for what he believed in, even in civilian life. People were people to him, no matter their color or religion, and they deserved respect and a chance at happiness.

And now Sam was on the phone with Dale's sister, Sarah, listening to her tell him Dale was gone, in spite of the sobs tearing her voice apart. A traffic accident, though the police were hinting at suicide. Witnesses claim he stepped out in front of traffic. Sarah didn't think it was suicide--Dale had been in the middle of one of his good spells--but she couldn't seem to get the police to listen.

Sam promised he'd fly down and see what he could do to help.

As he hung up, he had to fight the urge to throw the phone across the room.

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The dread pirate Klaw is defeated, eaten by the giant crocodile Fing Fang Foom. Wanda and Pietro have taken the lost boys (Shellhead, Hawk, Thor, and Panther) home with her to live away from Neverland leaving behind the Captain to guard Neverland.

All is well in the world and the adventures are over...or so Wanda thought until the Captain's shadow returned pulling them all into adventure again. Once reunited with the Captain and his new friend Falcon, the Lost Boys, and Wanda and Pietro face new dangers and excitement.

Neverland is in danger. Mechanized beings known as Ultrons are infecting the animals and people of Neverland and no one but the Lost Boys seems to be able to stop them.

(This AU is based on Avengers Fairy Tales #01, which was basically the Avengers as Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Here's a sample page to give an impression. Sam was not in the original comic, so think of him as much like Hawkeye and Black Panther there but with a red feathered cloak and a falcon.)
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It's that time again. Sam puts up the notice on the board and leaves flyers with Bar (as well as asking her politely to translate for anyone who asks).

Fight Club Outback tonight:
Rules are simple
1-Fight friendly
2-Be honest with skills and abilities
3-Break off the fight if it's getting serious
4-Square areas are for sparing with weapons
5-Circle areas are for sparing hand to hand
6-Any area (square or circle) that also has a triangle is for teaching

There are enchanted/high tech weapons available for use that will heal when they strike. (Weird, yes, but I've tested them so I know it's true.)
Security and Infirmary staff are present, but please try not to need us. This is for fun and not grudges.

[OOC: See this backroom post for OOC rules. Feel free to contact me via DM if you have questions or concerns.]
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French '75
Gin or Cognac, lemon, sugar, and champagne

Drive-thru Daiquiri
Rum, Lime, and sugar

Obituary Cocktail
Gin, dry vermouth, absinthe

Arnold Palmer
Iced Black Tea and Lemon Ade

Mango Mule
Honey, Mango, Lime, and Ginger beer
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 Sam's got a hot carafe of coffee and an electric kettle warming in case Alex needs something to do with his hands while they talk. He's also set up two chairs at angles to each other so that if Alex needs to he can easily look away and isn't left with only facing Sam as they talk.

The room itself is pretty nice. A cool bluish grey covers the walls, warm natural spills from the light fixtures, and the chairs are actually comfortably cushioned.

"Take a seat. I've got coffee or some tea if you'd like," Sam says as he walks Alex in, closing the door and hanging a "Consulting, do not distrub" sign on the outside of the door.

Noir AU

Jul. 17th, 2015 08:20 am
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Sam works as a private investigator, under the tutelage of one Melinda May, in San Francisco. He has a good left hook and a tender right hand for stitching. He worries about the business, cause really how many clients are going to trust a woman and a black man, but loves what he does. He has a habit of taking cases that he likely shouldn't; most often as the client can't afford to pay much. This ends up with him working pro bono a lot more often than his boss would like.

In what spare time he can find, he also works at the local air field, tinkering and flying planes; which he fell in love with during his time flying in WW1.
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 Leave a message to contact the mun.
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 As awesome as Sam wings were in Winter Soldier, I think, for the next set, he'll need a few upgrades. The first wings were designed with stealth in mind and so didn't have much beyond flight capabilities. This isn't going to be Sam's life now that he's playing with the A team.

So what I have in mind is:
Micro-missiles/grenades with different payloads: explosive, knockout gas, flash/bang, smoke screen, etc. They'll need to be small to fit his rig and not weight him down so I imagine he'd only have a few shots with each type or he can load up with fewer types to extend the payload.

A passive RADAR: Something that gives him a clue when small objects, especially fast moving small objects, are nearby. I'm imaging something that pings in a ear bud that gives a louder sound the closer the object. Good for both flying super humans and RPGs.

And that's all I've got right now. It should have a parachute of course and break away wings like his last set. Sub-machine guns would be good as well. I'm fine with the suit looking like the one in the AoU and pics from CA: Civil War that hit the web today.

I have spoken with Steve Rogers' mun and they have cleared Steve getting some Stark tech for the micro-missiles to match the delivery system to what Sam will likely have on hand at home.
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 USAF Pararescue site.
TADSAW: about service and support dogs.
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 The plan is simple, replace the targeting chips on the three helicarriers before they engage the rogue AI and it targets innocent people who happen to be a threat to HYDRA's plans; instead, the new chips will target the helicarriers and thus eliminate the problem for them. The complex part is all the personal at the Triskelion and on those helicarriers, many of whom are secretly (well, maybe not so secretly now) HYDRA agents. The trick was figuring out who were hostile targets and who were friendly.

"Hey Cap, how are we to know the good guys from the bad?" Sam asks as they run along the tarmac. The EXO-7 suit checks out and Sam is ready to fly.

"Easy. The bad guys are shooting at us." Cap replies.
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Cleaning up after disasters are nothing new to Sam. Securing an area in a warzone is nothing new to Sam. But this was drastically different, this was on the home front. He knew it shouldn't be different, even all those war zones he'd been in had been someone's home front, but this time it was personal and he couldn't ignore it. And this didn't even take into account the aliens.

Their directives were quite clear: get civilians to safety, find and isolate any alien technology, do not touch any such technology, do not allow any civilians to touch said technology, and any SHIELD agents outranked any other personal on site.

The problem with these directives is that the civilians didn't get them.

Sam was just flagging one particularly large alien--seriously, this guy made Schwarzenegger look like Steve Buscemi--when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Turning with his rifle raised, just in case any of these aliens were still active, he spotted a boy of twelve reaching for a piece of alien tech. Kids always made clean-up a challenge. "Hey, don't touch that," Sam called out in his best Staff-Sergeant voice.

The kid froze, pulling his hand back, before turning and running. Shaking his head, Sam went over to the piece and was about to tag it when the wall nearby shifted and started to collapse. Not thinking, Sam snatch the tech and threw himself clear, ending up covered in a cloud of dust.

Once the dust settled, Sam stood and pushed through a nearby door to get back to the street. Except there wasn't a street, there was a bar.
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It had been a good run, though Sam was disappointed not to have run into Steve. He was probably out saving the world or something. Still breathing heavily, Sam opened the fridge, grabbed his jug of OJ, and was just about to drink when the doorbell rang.

Sighing, Sam put the OJ back, closed the fridge, and answered to door to find Steve and that cute redhead who had picked him up the other after their run.

"We have no where else to go," Steve says tersely before Sam even has time to wonder how they knew where he lived.

"Everyone we know is trying to kill us." The redhead said.

When put like that, Sam didn't even have to think about it. "Not everyone..." He said, stepping aside to let them in. Once they passed him, he checked both ends of his street and then the skies above for bogies. All clear.

VA Meeting

Nov. 7th, 2014 08:55 am
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Jessica, one of Sam's longest attendees, was just raising her hand to speak when Sam noticed Steve at the doorway at the side of the hall. He kept his focus on Jessica but gave a little head nod so Steve would know he'd been seen. Steve didn't seem to want to make a fuss, so Sam kept quiet about it. Plus, this was the veterans time, not his.

"The thing is," Jessica said, bringing Sam's full attention back to her, "I think it's getting worse. A cop pulled me over last week, he thought I was drunk. I swerved to miss a plastic bag. I thought it was an IED."

Sam could hear the worry in her voice and see it reflected in the eyes of many of the other veterans present. "Some stuff you leave there," he replied, "other stuff you bring back. It's our job to figure out how we'll carry it. Is it gonna be a big steamer trunk or an overnight bag? Hard to say. But I can tell you one thing, we've all been trained in how to not only carry our kit, but to pack it as well. We can carry the extra stuff when we need to, but we also know how to repack it don't we? So we all need to take a good, honest look at what we are carrying and decide how best to pack it."

Several heads nodded in understanding and Sam spared himself a small smile. "Looks like that's it for time. As always, if anyone wants to talk with me one-on-one, I'm available any time."
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The barest hint of dawn is touching the white marble of the National Mall as Sam runs along the reflecting pool. He loves getting out this early, when the walkways and streets are nearly deserted and he can be alone with his thoughts; especially on days packed with back to back sessions. He also loves the history of the town, history so thick you can breath it in, though what else would you expect from the epicenter of America? Here, even the most jaded can believe in the dream of America. Here, you can feel the potential and responsibility of the true American Dream.

At least he can. Your milage may vary.


Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:20 am
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 Antonia Thomas as a gender bent Sam?
Or maybe Lyndie Greenwood?
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Spoiler dialog from Cap 2
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 More icon fodder.
Icons from past movies.
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