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Living your life helping others has it's ups and downs; it is not an easy life. The rewards can be few and you can't depend on them getting you through the day, no matter how amazing it feels when you succeed.

Some people, though, are a rough ride.

Dale was one such for Sam and any of the many counselors who came in and out of his life. He was one of Sam's first and longest running cases. In and out of trouble, halfway homes, slums, and prisons, Dale always seemed to pick himself up and start to make something of a happy life. Like many, he suffered from combat related PTSD. Two tours in the two different wars in Iraq, and a tour in Afghanistan, how could he not? Still, the man had a smile that lit up a room, and he fought for what he believed in, even in civilian life. People were people to him, no matter their color or religion, and they deserved respect and a chance at happiness.

And now Sam was on the phone with Dale's sister, Sarah, listening to her tell him Dale was gone, in spite of the sobs tearing her voice apart. A traffic accident, though the police were hinting at suicide. Witnesses claim he stepped out in front of traffic. Sarah didn't think it was suicide--Dale had been in the middle of one of his good spells--but she couldn't seem to get the police to listen.

Sam promised he'd fly down and see what he could do to help.

As he hung up, he had to fight the urge to throw the phone across the room.

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