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 As awesome as Sam wings were in Winter Soldier, I think, for the next set, he'll need a few upgrades. The first wings were designed with stealth in mind and so didn't have much beyond flight capabilities. This isn't going to be Sam's life now that he's playing with the A team.

So what I have in mind is:
Micro-missiles/grenades with different payloads: explosive, knockout gas, flash/bang, smoke screen, etc. They'll need to be small to fit his rig and not weight him down so I imagine he'd only have a few shots with each type or he can load up with fewer types to extend the payload.

A passive RADAR: Something that gives him a clue when small objects, especially fast moving small objects, are nearby. I'm imaging something that pings in a ear bud that gives a louder sound the closer the object. Good for both flying super humans and RPGs.

And that's all I've got right now. It should have a parachute of course and break away wings like his last set. Sub-machine guns would be good as well. I'm fine with the suit looking like the one in the AoU and pics from CA: Civil War that hit the web today.

I have spoken with Steve Rogers' mun and they have cleared Steve getting some Stark tech for the micro-missiles to match the delivery system to what Sam will likely have on hand at home.
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