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Cleaning up after disasters are nothing new to Sam. Securing an area in a warzone is nothing new to Sam. But this was drastically different, this was on the home front. He knew it shouldn't be different, even all those war zones he'd been in had been someone's home front, but this time it was personal and he couldn't ignore it. And this didn't even take into account the aliens.

Their directives were quite clear: get civilians to safety, find and isolate any alien technology, do not touch any such technology, do not allow any civilians to touch said technology, and any SHIELD agents outranked any other personal on site.

The problem with these directives is that the civilians didn't get them.

Sam was just flagging one particularly large alien--seriously, this guy made Schwarzenegger look like Steve Buscemi--when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Turning with his rifle raised, just in case any of these aliens were still active, he spotted a boy of twelve reaching for a piece of alien tech. Kids always made clean-up a challenge. "Hey, don't touch that," Sam called out in his best Staff-Sergeant voice.

The kid froze, pulling his hand back, before turning and running. Shaking his head, Sam went over to the piece and was about to tag it when the wall nearby shifted and started to collapse. Not thinking, Sam snatch the tech and threw himself clear, ending up covered in a cloud of dust.

Once the dust settled, Sam stood and pushed through a nearby door to get back to the street. Except there wasn't a street, there was a bar.
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